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Life In Technicolor

Historic, Modern, and Vintage Sewing

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I'm a full-time professional note-taker and part-time seamstress, reenactor, and Betty Draper wanna-be.

I started this journal back in 2009 to chronicle my adventures in 1850s reenacting and historic sewing. While I don't reenact as much as I used to or would like, I still maintain my LJ as a place to chronicle my achievements and mishaps in the world of sewing. I'm currently into sewing more of my own modern clothing (easier on a college-student budget and the only sweat shop labor involved is my own), as well vintage clothes,which seems more practical as weekend-wear than a corset and multiple petticoats.

Feel free to friend me if you are a fellow seamstress/costumer, or if we share similar interests. :)

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