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18 March 2011 @ 07:08 pm
I really have a lot of fabric  

I decided to organize my fabric yesterday with the start of Spring break and a motivation to get some spring cleaning done now that I have the time to do so. Anyways, I have a shelf in my closet that I've been throwing my fabric into for a long while, so I finally got the idea to organize the stuff better and my solution in doing so was to get canvas bins and then group them based on fiber content. But first I had to take the fabric out of the closet.

Once I did so, I realized that I really had a lot of fabric (okay, so this wasn't a new revelation):

And readers, this isn't all of it. I have a basket where I put fabric for projects I'm working on currently and it's stuffed to the top with more fabric.

Anyways, it took 6 bins but I finally got everything nicely organized and categorized, mostly by fiber content:

Since you can't see the "lame" (according to my sister) labels that I made out of post-it notes for each bin, they are, from left to right: cotton twill, sheer and apparel cotton, cotton scraps, linen & reenacting, wool, and silk.

Since I'm a petite flower, I do have to use a chair to get a bin down (sinc they all managed to fit on the top shelf of my closet) when I need something, but it's just so nice to finally have this nice and organized that that's a small price to pay.

And in a semi-related note, I picked up the book Fit for Real People after hearing so many good things about it on several of the fabulous modern sewing blogs I frequent. Although the book has very odd photography and is a bit old school, I picked it up because I am intrigued by the whole concept of tissue-fitting, which seems like a fabulous alternative to making muslins. Confession time: I hate making muslins, they are my least favorite aspect of the sewing process, and they can be very time consuming. Although I am a bit hesitant to fit myself using tissue paper, since it is fragile. But their method of taping the seam allowances before you fit sounds like a good one, and I plan on giving it a try during my marathon sewing this weekend. Anyways, I'm trying to say that I highly recommend this book for those of you that do modern sewing!

Okay, off to go cut out some pattern pieces since that's all that I have energy to do tonight . . .

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corsetrasewingcorsetrasewing on March 22nd, 2011 12:36 am (UTC)
that is not a lot of fabric!
I have over half a doz 18 gal rubbermaid bins full.
I should go through them soon, like you did, will need to pull them out of the garage, livingroom, bedroom, sewing room.
Anna: The Young Victoriamissannag on March 24th, 2011 03:32 pm (UTC)
Yep it is! And it sounds like you have a lot of fabruc, too. ;) I used to store mine in big plastic tubs, as well, but now that's where I put the reenacting clothing.
gavrilaehogavrilaeho on July 9th, 2012 11:11 pm (UTC)