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23 May 2011 @ 02:13 pm

Went to our May reenactment, Queen Victoria's Birthday, this past weekend and wrote a short blog post about it here.

Also, I stil have a ton of stuff left for sale on the Spring Cleaning post, so please do take a gander if you're looking for fabric, patterns, or reenacting clothes.
15 May 2011 @ 02:39 pm

I spent the day organizing my sewing stuff, and have listed a ton of fabric, patterns, and finished reeancting garments over here on the other blog, as, well, they're taking up space and I'd like to pass them on to somebody who could use them. If you see something you want, head on over there and leave a comment.

27 April 2011 @ 08:26 am

I finished the green plaid fan-front that I've been working on in time for the reenactment this past Saturday. You can read my review of the pattern that I used right over here.

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08 April 2011 @ 03:06 pm

I just finished the fan part of my fan-front bodice. I wrote a blog post about the process of how I did this, which you can check out here.
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05 April 2011 @ 03:21 pm
I've been here on LiveJournal for a little over 2 years (last month was my 2 year blogviserary!), orginally joining because of the awesome (and still awesome) costume community here, but lately it seems like there is this huge exodus of costuming LJ-ers to more blogger-friendly sites like Blogspot. And this is something I totally get, since LJ is very informal and not the best host when it comes to online portfolios. With that in mind, I've been contemplating making a switch over to a more user-friendly site for showing off costumes (unfortunately, being a poor college student prevents me from buying my own domain name) for quite a while, and finally did so. With that I present to you my new blog, Anna in Technicolor:


I'm not leaving LJ. I don't post here that often and I don't think I would be that sorely missed if I did leave, but I do like the informal nature of LJ and many other aspects of its quite informal nature. That being said, I plan my Wordpress blog to serve as a way to showcase my costumes in a portfolio setting, but also have a place to include tutorials and in-progress pics of costumes in a more organized manner than I can currently do on LJ.

I've already posted a few entries there, mostly about the dress and quilted bonnet that I've been working on this month. I suddenly have this huge urge to get back into costuming with a renewed fervor, and it is my hope that this new blog will showcase my costumes and include only (or mostly only) sewing-related content, unlike my LiveJournal which started with the same idea but was soon interspersed with "I hate school" and "look what I just bought" posts. I already have posts planned for the rest of the week, and am currently writing a little tutorial on modifying the LM Pereline pattern into a mantle. I definitely don't plan on posting everyday, but I do want to get in the habit of blogging more, and since I've been sewing everyday (after an internship falling through and taking an online class this quarter, I suddenly have lots of time on my hands) I now have more interesting things to post about.

18 March 2011 @ 07:08 pm

I decided to organize my fabric yesterday with the start of Spring break and a motivation to get some spring cleaning done now that I have the time to do so. Anyways, I have a shelf in my closet that I've been throwing my fabric into for a long while, so I finally got the idea to organize the stuff better and my solution in doing so was to get canvas bins and then group them based on fiber content. But first I had to take the fabric out of the closet.

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06 March 2011 @ 07:32 pm

I went to the Sewing Expo today with me mum, and since today was the last day it's going on, we got some nice discounts. They actually handed out little coupon books, which was a first this year. But as a poor college kid, I'm not complaining. ;-)))))

Right, so this year I got some fabulous items, but all aimed toward vintage/modern sewing! I got 7 yards of yellow wool from the Pendleton booth at the fabulous rate of $4 a yard (I'll be able to knock out a few modern projects with that), 3 cute ribbons for headbands, a 1940s skirt pattern, a lavendar linen with a white rose pattern (to make a copy of this Emma Pillsbury dress in a different colorway) and a very neat red silk print that is sort of like a men's tie fabric but will be made into the Sencha blouse (the pattern of which I got for Christmas!). Most years I come away with a ton of stuff for reenacting, but this year I'm more into using what I already have. Although I did buy some white batiste for undersleeves, collars, and cuffs (shown under the 1940s skirt pattern). But I didn't buy anything from the French laces guy (who is actually Belgian) and typically has fabulous stuff. This is my 3rd (or 4th) year attending, and I definitely have favorite booths that I always frequent, and it seems like their merchandise hasn't changed a whole lot.

I've had a crazy amount of deadlines (I had a scholarship, paper, and presentation due every other day this past week) which has kept me occupied and catatonic at night. But, on Friday night I somehow summoned the energy to mock up another fan-front bodice from the Laughing Moon pattern. I realized that it didn't fit last time because a) I cut it out a size too big and b) I used super cheap-o fabric that just stretched. So, I cut out the bodice in the right size this time and used actually sturdy muslin and that seemed to solve all my fitting issues. If only all bodices were this easy to fit . . .

I'm quite smitten with the results, although I might take some of the width out of the fan part of the dress, as it's quite full. I'm making this up in a green wool plaid that I got in remnants at the Pendleton outlet a few months ago for $5 a pound, and you really can't beat that.

So, this week's goal is to get the fan cut out and hand-gathered. In-between writing the 10 page paper I have due on Thursday. Have I mentioned yet how excited I am for Sping Break?
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16 February 2011 @ 03:48 pm

We're more than halfway through February and this is my first post! Apologies for lack of updating. Lately I've had a lot of significant real-life things to attend to (like declaring my major and applying for internships for next quarter and summer study abroad programs simultaneously) which have taken up a good chunk of my time.

Anyways, with a little over 2 months before my first event of the year, I've decided to update my wardrobe and fill in some long-overdue gaps, while taking a breif hiatus from modern sewing. With that in mind, here's my to-sew list:

-Finish my purple wool coat
      - I've had this project since, oh, 2007 and worked on it in bits and pieces. But, I have the entire coat cut out and mostly sewn, and all that's left is attaching the velvet trim, sewing the sleeve lining, and attaching the sleeves. Oh, and closures.
-Green plaid fan-front dress 
      - I adore my Neopolitan dress that I made last year, but I've been in need of a good basic wool dress for a while now. With that in mind, I think this one will be perfect to either dress up or dress down depending on the event. I got some gorgeous green plaid in the remnant section of the Pendleton outlet that will be perfect.
-Quilted Bonnets
     - I've been comissioned to make a silk quilted bonnet for my dear fake auntie based on an extant bonnet in the museum's collection, and in return I'm getting some lovely silk taffeta from Renaissance Fabrics to make my own! I'm using this lovely silk and I think I might make a bonnet with a longer tabs in the front.

And last project is a new silk apron for myself. The event is, afterall, called "Sowing to Sewing" and I'm planning to sew in the parlor. I'm using turquoise silk taffeta from the awesome fabric.com sale a year back:

Oh and the wrinkles are because I've been working on this project on and off for the past year and I just took it out of the bag it was folded in. I do have a lot of half-finished projects, which actually makes sewing faster. Well, when you finally get to them. ;)

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22 January 2011 @ 06:06 pm
What were your favorite books as a child, and why?

In no particular order:

Matilda by Roald Dahl
Totally love one of the morals of the story that just because you're born into adverse circumstances doesn't mean you yourself can't be great or have a great life. Plus, the movie adaptation was fabulous.

The Boston Jane Series by Jennifer L. Holm
Okay, if I was actually a lady in Washington Territory in 1855 this would be my exact story. I would leave my comfortable Philadelphia home to follow my older and good-looking fiancee to Washington Territory, all the while falling in love with the tall, dark, and handsome sailer who worked on the boat that I took my journey on. Once I landed and found out what a traitor my fiancee was, I wouldn't feel bad about having made out with the sailor. It would be rough learning how to live and survive on the frontier, but eventually I would manage it.

Until Angels Close my Eyes by Lurlene McDaniel
Fun, modern girl falls in love with an Amish boy who wears a top hat and drives a buggy. Need I say more?

I've always had older tastes in books (reading teenage books when I was a kid and adult books when I was a teenager), so I guess that's why I'm lacking in really "little kid" books in this list.

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18 January 2011 @ 07:15 pm

It seems like every single blog I read had a new post today. So I suddenly feel the need to post, as well. ;)

I had a lovely 3-day weekend. Hardly any homework, so I got to spend time relaxing, sewing (almost done with my trench coat! I did marathon sewing on it Saturday and then sort of lost my energy and didn't do too much on it afterwards, so I plan on picking it up again this next weekend), and me and mum went on a gorgeous walk at the wildlife refuge. I also watched the first episode of Downton Abbey and it is absolutely fabulous. Gorgeous costumes, the story is so intricate and interesting to watch, and it has so many people from other period dramas I love and adore.

I know it seems like I haven't been posting much sewing content, but I have several long-term projects (both in regards to period and modern/vintage sewing) in the works right now that I hope to reveal soon. One is something that I have been contemplating for a while and is finally happening, and another set of projects is an inevitability of having too much fabric and being in a hobby where my outfits get a lot of wear and need replacing. But that's all I'm gonna say right now. :)

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